• Where do you play? We have 2 field locations in Berlin, at the North Worcester Athletic Complex and Buckingham Elementary School.
    Beach ultimate is played on the North side of the OC fishing pier in Downtown Ocean City, off Somerset Ave.
  • What should I bring? Bring a WHITE and a DARK shirt (any color other than white or gray), cleats (if its a grass game), and a water bottle. We will have discs for warmup and also have discs for sale if you need one!
  • How do you play? Ultimate (on grass) is played 7 on 7 on a large field with 2 endzones. The goal is to catch a pass in the endzone from your team. Games are to 15 with half at 8. One team pulls the disc (like a serve) to the other team and the team in possession tries to score in their endzone. The player with the disc cannot run with the disc, and has to throw it before their defender counts to 10. The defense is trying to block or intercept a pass from the offense and when/if they gain possession, they immediately go on offense and can score.

Get ready for the OC Beach Classic IX

  • October 8-9, 2022
  • Ocean City, MD.

We are excited to see you back on the beach.
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