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  • 2 Weeks Away!!!!

    We are just 2 weeks away from the OC Beach Classic! Here is some info you will need heading into the weekend.
    TOURNAMENT INFO: Games will be played on the beach off Somerset St in Downtown OC.  We are currently at 26 teams. Schedule will be finalized the week of the tournament and will be sent out. Games will start at approximately 9am and be finished by 5pm. Saturday is pool play games to 13,  and Sunday will be bracket play games to 15. Teams are guaranteed games both days. All fields will be lined. Please allow a 2 yd buffer between your stuff (including tents) and the sideline. #safety.
    There is free parking along St Louis St on the bayside of the island and is a short walk to the fields.  There is also a city bus which costs $3 per day and will get you anywhere in town along coastal highway.
    ROSTER: Ive had several teams ask about bringing more players than the 15 you get with registration.  YES, you may add up to 3 players for a cost of $25 per player.  Please email me with your additions and paypal the amount due.
    PARTIES: Friday check in party is at Mothers Cantina located on Coastal Highway and 28th St from 9-12 pm.  Please print and bring signed waivers from your players (waiver is attached), I will be distributing wristbands which you will need to play and for food/drink specials all weekend.
    Saturday Tournament party is at Fishtales located on 26th St bayside.  Let us eat drink and be merry!  There are plenty of taxis, uber, and the city bus. In addition to not drinking and driving, please be careful walking along coastal highway.  It is also Corvette Weekend so there will be lots of traffic, people showing off, and burning fossil fields. Use the crosswalks and obey all traffic signals. Safety and fun, people! Watch out for each other!
    FOOD: Caruso pizza is once again offering us a discount all weekend! They are located directly infront of the fields on the boardwalk, across from Ripleys (the building with the yuge shark busting out of it).  AMAZING PIZZA, LOCAL BUSINESS.
    We will provide standard tournament food in the form of bagels, bananas, and apples. We will also provide 2 gallons of water and have refilling coolers. Stay hydrated.
    ALCOHOL AND DOGS:  Alcohol is officially not allowed on OC beaches.  Because its after October 1, dogs are allowed on the beach, YAY! Please clean up after them so no one lays out in pile of dog poop.
    TRASH: There are plenty of trash cans on the boardwalk. Please use them. I will also distribute trash bags to each team. Let sbe good stewards of the environment and leave a clean beach so we can continue to have this amazing event!
    PRIZES: There will be prizes for the winning team and and the Spirit winning team!
    SAFETY: It is also Corvette Weekend in OC. Please use crosswalks and because ful as you walk around town all weekend.29915361954_b2a65d1e38_o30429363442_df4937c75a_o30546045395_0d4ee26539_o
  • One Month Away! 23 Teams and only 5 Spots Remaining…

    max cassell layoutWe are 1 month away from the OC Beach Classic 2017!!! Wow!!!

    Here is the current list of teams. We are talking to other captains and are capping the tournament at 28 teams! Bid window is open until September 29th. ONLY 5 SPOTS REMAINING!

    1. Erie Brig, Erie PA.

    2. Where’s Wald-deax. Baltimore, MD.

    3. Humiliswag. OC, MD.*

    4. Birdz on Fleek. Long Island, NY.

    5. Paranoia. Washington DC.*

    6. Sea Monster Floaty Love. Baltimore, MD.

    7. Win, Lose, or Die. Philadelphia, PA.*

    8. Iron Islands Ultimate. Baltimore, MD.

    9. Pho King Huck It. Baltimore, MD.

    10. Bizz Six Buzz. St Mary’s, MD.

    11. Shorebreak. Berlin/OC, MD.

    12. FLI First Team All Shotgun. Long Island, NY.

    13. Jimmy Changas. Harrisburg, PA.

    14. Fantasy Manatees 3: Manatini Time. Pittsburgh, PA.

    15. Grumpy Cat. NY/DC/Baltimore.

    16. 8 Bit Heroes. Frederick, MD.

    17. BCC Bumblers. Bethesda, MD.

    18. NEPA Tunes. Danville, PA.

    19. chUTZpa. Baltimore, MD.

    20. Derelict Lifeguards. Bethany Beach, DE.

    21. DC Ballyhoo. Bethesda, MD.

    22. Scoober Divers. Newark, DE.

    23. The Team With No Name. Washington, DC.

    Email to submit bids or if you have any questions. Follow us on social media for the latest information and 2017 sponsors!

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