Tourney Format OCBC 21

Here is the info for the OC Beach Classic 2021!

Format: We are excited to be playing a new format, a Swiss draw. Your margin of victory will determine a weighted point system which will be awarded after your game. Close wins or losses yield fewer points, and large margins yield higher and lower points. You will play a team with a close overall score while avoiding rematches. It is critical that you report your scores as soon as your game is over to Jason, our scorekeeper.
Right now, we can tell you your start time and what round your team will be in for the day, but field assignments and opponents will be determined tomorrow night at Pickles Pub at 9:00pm when we randomly draw the first round of matchups. First round of matchups will be sent out to captain‘s tomorrow night.
Group A: 9:00, 11:00, 1:00, 3:00
Grilly- Washington, DC
Buzz Ultimate- Salisbury, MD
Matriarchy- Philadelphia, PA
Aunt Madness- North Virginia, VA
Scoober Divers- Wilmington, DE
NEPA Tunes- Central PA
Plants with Pants- Long Island, NY
Chutzpah- Baltimore, MD
Avatar: The Last Discbenders- Washington, DC
Sea Monster Floaty Love- Baltimore, MD
Fake Birds- Arlington, VA
Chilly Show- Philadelphia, PA
Flat Earth Society- Easton, MD
Beef Depot- Washington, DC

Group B: 10:00, 12:00, 2:00. 4:00
Game of Throws- Washington, DC
Coin Daddies- Baltimore, MD
8 Bit Heroes- Frederick, MD
We Do (Up)lines- Fairfax, VA
Party Wave- Miami, FL
Jimmy Changas- Harrisburg, PA
Pho King Huck It- Salisbury, MD
Shorebreak- Berlin, MD
Team Nacho Fries- Annapolis, MD
Bitchfish- Harrisonburg, VA
Tough Guy Sodas- Scranton, PA
Bengay and Fruit Snacks- Northeast PA
Geriatric Generation- Baltimore, MD
Beer Pressure- Philadelphia, PA

Every team will have 4 games on Saturday in a swiss draw format, and 3 games of bracket play on Sunday. After Saturday’s games we will take the top four teams from Group A and top 4 from Group B and they will play in the championship bracket on Sunday. Teams 5-9 from A and B respectively, will play in the 9th place bracket on Sunday, and so forth down the line. We will send out Sunday brackets and field assignments to Captains Saturday night.
Food/beverage deals:With your wristbands, you will get discounts at Pickles Pub and the Marina deck for our tournament parties. During Saturday and Sunday games players get discount at Caruso Pizza, located on the boardwalk directly in front of the fields. SERIOUSLY GOOD PIZZA.
Merch: We will have gear available from Oak Creek apparel, and Aria discs at the HQ tent. Stop by to check everything out and grab some swag!
The Aria Uno is the official disc of the OC Beach Classic, and all games will be played with Aria discs. We are happy to support a small ultimate company who stands for social and environmental justice!
Athletic Trainer:We will have an athletic trainer on site each day from 8 AM to 4 PM. Please get to the beach early if you need something taped up so there’s not a long line.
Weather:Unfortunately, our 7 Year streak of perfect weather looks like it may come to an end this year. Expect and dress for wind and rain. We will clear the beach for lightning, which will be communicated with one very long blast of the airhorn. Please clear the beach immediately, and head back to your hotel or the many bars and restaurants close to the beach on Wicomico St. Any shade tents will need to be heavily weighted down from the wind, and be sure you are ready to leave the beach quickly as we are not sure what the weather will do. 
Despite the weather, I am confident we will have a great time no matter what, based on the amount of awesome people coming!

Get ready for the OC Beach Classic IX

  • October 8-9, 2022
  • Ocean City, MD.

We are excited to see you back on the beach.
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