Travel and Safety Tips

You may remember the Corvette parade the past 2 years on the boardwalk. This year we are sharing a weekend in OC with Cruiser’s (hot rods), so there will be a slightly higher volume of traffic in town. Police will be watching for speeding on the way down on Rt. 1 and 113 from the north (Philly, NJ, NY), and Rt 50 from the west (Baltimore/DC), and especially coming in and out of Ocean City. So don’t speed to avoid getting a ticket.

In town please be careful crossing streets and use designated crosswalks only. Look out for each other!

Due to Nor’easter conditions earlier this week, high tides, and climate change there is some flooding downtown. Its not bad enough to close Ocean City, and should be subsiding as the weekend goes on, but you may need to seek alternate parking a few blocks north. Hotel parking should not be affected. There is free parking on the bayside streets of OC.

Weather forecast this weekend is low 70s, 6 mph breeze, and sunny! 🙂

Get ready for the OC Beach Classic IX

  • October 8-9, 2022
  • Ocean City, MD.

We are excited to see you back on the beach.
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